Agel PRO – (34g) 1 scoop Servings: 30

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Some Facts about PRO from shoppers and MLM distributors. PRO provides life-sustaining nutrients in a revolutionary delivery system. Don’t let the dry form fool you, PRO is still based on suspension gel, an advanced nutrient delivery system that delivers superior absorption when compared to conventional delivery systems. This superior absorption ensures your muscles get the fuel they need allowing your body to perform at its best.

Agel PRO

Begin using Agel PRO now, and let your body benefit from a protein product that simply has no competition. With an unmatched amino acid profile achieved by combining several sources of protein, PRO is able to deliver effective nutrition like nothing else. And that’s just the start. PRO contains Green Tea Extract which is extremely high in the super nutrients known as polyphenols. Recent studies show that polyphenols can boost your metabolism and assist you in burning fat, making it even easier in your desire to lose weight and keeping in shape. What more could you ask for?

Powerful muscle fuel, fat-burning super nutrients, amino acids like no other product on the market; all delivered to your body faster and easier than ever’s why PRO is the BEST way to start your day!

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How long has Agel been in business? Agel Enterprises, Inc was incorporated in March of 2005. The first products shipped in May, 2005. Is there an age requirement to become an Agel team member? You must be at least 18 years of age to participate as an Agel Team Member. How do I cancel my membership? A Team Member may terminate his contract at any time, and for any reason, by sending written notice of intent to terminate to the company. Termination becomes effective as of the date the company receives written notice of termination. What do I need to know about shipping to Canada? Agel will ship product anywhere in Canada if the recipient agrees to the following standard POA authorization: By ordering goods from Agel, I hereby authorize a licensed Canadian customs broker chosen by Agel to act as my agent, and to transact business with Canada Customs Revenue Agency (CCRA) to clear my merchandise, account for applicable duties and taxes, to return merchandise to Agel and prepare and submit refund claims on my behalf for any merchandise that I return.

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