Alkalete (1 bottle, 60 capsules)

By: yodiamondteam
Alkalete™ helps you drop weight and acid waste, and it energizes your body while battling the effects of aging.* Alkalete is well known as the most effective, patented, pH supplement you can buy. Consistent use of Alkalete encourages healthy pH levels, in turn reducing acid waste and improving overall health. Proven to level out your body’s pH, Alkalete provides astonishing acid-neutralizing benefits, which aid in the prevention of ailments such as: Poor Digestion Excess Weight Heartburn While promoting: Speedy Muscle Recovery Physical Strength Strong Bones and Joints

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  1. 4 out of 5

    I’ve tried this bottle before and it works. It really works! I use it right after eating spicy foods and it calms my stomach better than alkaseltzer

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