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Enjoy Optimal Health Kyäni's Triangle of Health products are a potent combination of some of the earth's most powerful Superfoods. These provide the human body with a solid foundation of restorative and nutritive elements that work together to support the body's systems and create a more healthful individual.
Kyäni Sunrise, the "Flagship" product in the Triangle of Health is made up of a blend of Superfoods, vitamins and minerals that, when taken in the morning, provide water-soluble nutrition and antioxidants that help defend against free radical damage throughout the day.
Antioxidants are one of the first lines of defense in the body that assist in keeping these free radicals in check. Free radicals steal electrons from the lipids in cell membranes resulting in irreversible cell damage. This mixture of Superfoods combines the antioxidant capacities from each to provide an effective defense against free radicals.
Kyäni Sunset, which contains a the most potent form of Vitamin E called tocotrienols has exhibited substantial benefits to the cardiovascular system including helping to maintain healthy blood pressure. Along with Omega-3, Vitamins A and D, together serve a lipid-soluble powerhouse protectant to the body's lipid infrastructure. The efficacy of these nutrients is maximized when taken in the evening when lipid metabolism is high.
Nitric Oxide has been proven to be the most important signaling molecule in the body and effects a wide range of physiological functions including circulation, inflammation, learning, digestion and oxygen release in tissues from red blood cells.
With today's fast paced lifestyles, these nutritional supplements fight poor diet, lack of exercise, and high stress to provide optimal health benefits.
Kyäni Product Usage Step 1: Take Kyäni Nitro FX (one 1 mL dropper/one draw of the dropper filled half-way or 20 drops of the trial size) before Kyäni Sunrise. Kyäni Nitro FX improves blood flow and helps ensure optimal nutrient delivery to all parts of the body Step 2: Drink Kyäni Sunrise (1oz./2 tbsp.) in the morning to provide essential vitamins, trace minerals, and anti-oxidants. Step 3: Take Kyäni Nitro FX (one 1 mL dropper) in the early afternoon for an extra energy boost, approximately 5-6 hours after your morning routine. Step 4: Take Kyäni Nitro FX (one 1 mL dropper) before Kyäni Sunset to prepare your body for Kyäni Sunset. Step 5: Consume Kyäni Sunset (3 gel caps) with dinner for optimal absorption and to allow the powerful Tocotrienols and omega-3s to help restore your body during sleep. The Kyäni Triangle of Health Packets come with: 1 - Kyäni Sunrise 30 1oz. Packets 1 - Kyäni Sunset 90 Count Bottle 1 - Kyäni Nitro FX 2oz Bottle


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