The journey begins...

Our mission “…to evolve the thought of Network Marketing as a product focused profession…”

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The countdown begins. We officially launch in 2016

Legal Advice

Got serious about incorporating the business


Market Research

Obtained a firm grasp for the scope of the company: An online marketplace for the Network Marketing profession.

Branded Logo

After 128 submissions and 24 designers, the company logo was finally chosen.

Aquired Domain Name

Purchased domain from auction. Several offers were made to buy domain name. We refused.

The Sketches

The idea went on paper soon after. Design concepts took months to draw, working full time, drawing part time

Our Beginning


MLMCloud® was an idea conceived in West Palm Beach, FL by United States Marine Corps veteran, Sgt. Exantus after his mother had difficulty selling her home business products on popular online retail outlets.

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